Membership Questions

If you are interested in learning more about Freemasonry, or becoming a member, you will find a number of brochures below that may be helpful.  As always, you can email us and we are more than happy to answer questions, even if you are just curious.  Just go to the Contact Us page.

Day in the Life

  • What is it like when you are accepted into a Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons?
  • What is it like when you are newly initiated?
  • How will I be successful in your new fraternity?
  • How do I get involved?
These are great questions.  We have created a page specifically to help give you an idea of what it is like as a newly-initiated Mason.  Click here to find out more.

Petitioning for Membership
If you are ready to apply for membership, you can find all Petition Forms at the website of the Grand Lodge of Colorado or you can download a petition form here:

Annual Dues: Per Capita plus Lodge Fees
The Annual Dues consist of Per Capita plus Mosaic Lodge Fees and are listed are as follows:

Mosaic Lodge #184 Membership Lodge Fee  
If you are a member of additional Masonic bodies or lodges, those lodges may also have Annual Dues.
$125/ yr
Colorado Grand Lodge Per Capita  (2017)
This fee is incurred only one per year regardless of your number of Masonic body memberships.
 $65/ yr
 $190/ yr

Annual Dues (Per Capita and Fees)
You can now pay your Membership Dues via PayPal.  Just Click the "PayNow" button below:

Partial Payment (installments) of Dues
If you would like to make installments of your dues, you can chose the button below.  It will allow you to make four installments, but you are not considered paid until ALL FOUR installments have been made.  Remember that you are responsible for paying your dues by January 1, each year, but this option allows you to spread out your payments through the first half of the year.  Members who have not completely paid all of their dues by June 30 will be suspended for non-payment of dues (NPD).

Dues in Arrears
If you are suspended for NPD or otherwise need to pay past dues, you can pay those dues based on the year(s) that you are missing.  Chose the year below and pay the associated dues.  If you are behind for multiple years, you will need to make a unique payment for each year.

Initiation Degree Fees

One-time fees are incurred for the conferral of the first three degrees to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  The total for all three of these degrees is $250.

2017 Mosiac #184 Holiday Party

3:00 pm on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cinzetti's Restaurant
381 W. 104th
Northglenn, CO  80234

Adults (12-64 yrs): $27/pp
Children (4-12 yrs): $14/pp
Infants (0-3 yrs): No charge
Seniors (65+ yrs): $25/pp