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What is a day in the life of a new Mason?

As a new member of this historic and respected fraternity of Freemasonry, you will quickly find that you will benefit more from the fraternity as a direct result of the effort you put into the organization and your pursuit of the degrees.

How do you be successful as a new Mason at Mosaic Lodge?

Goal #1- Memorize your Obligations

As a new member, your first and most important goal is to complete the three degrees and return the obligations that are given to you during those degrees.  You must return (recite) the obligations for the first degree before you can move onto the next.

Like parts in a play, the obligations are memorized.  Some individuals can memorize the obligation (which takes about 10 to recite) in a matter of days.  Other individuals can take weeks for each obligation.  The key to success in memorizing the obligation is to practice the obligation every day.   Many men who lose interest in this great organization do so because they get frustrated with memorizing the obligation or don't commit the regular time to learn and recite the work.

Know that you brothers are there to help you, coach you, and work with you to help you learn the obligations.  We have all learned it (and as you will see when you take your degrees, we have committed a lot more to memory).

Goal #2 - Get Involved

We all have jobs, families, and responsibilities.  Do not over commit yourself.  You will be frustrated (and nobody wants that).  

However, you should commit yourself to an activity in this great organization, even if it is a small part.  Whatever you do, do it passionately, do it often, and let others know about it.

We have members to focus on blood drives, history, ritual, logistics, helping others with memorization, organizing and operating our lodge building,  communications (including email and website), youth leadership and advisory, traveling to other lodges, coordinating activities, and so many other aspects.  If you have a passion for contributing, and we do not do it, then start it!

Goal #3 - Communicate

Help others know your interests and your goals.  Get to know other brothers and learn about their interests.  Knowing somebody's name is not a problem. Ask them!  Then tell them yours and something about you.  Help them know you and you will know them!

How often do I need to come to Lodge meetings?

Lodge Communications (formal meetings) occur twice each month.  Come early, come often.  

If you are an officer, you must attend every meeting.  If you are not an officer, please attend at least once per month.  When degrees are being performed, please make every effort to attend to welcome our new brethren to this great fraternity.

Other lodges throughout our state (and the world) meet on the same or different nights.  If you are curious about attending another lodge, you will find you are always welcome with open arms to any lodge (but bring your dues card).  Make an effort to visit other lodges.  You will make friends and see how different lodges have different ideas and efforts.

My degree work is underway.  What is the first thing I can do to become active?

There are so many areas and opportunities for participation.  At your first lodge meeting, listen to the current activities and then see where you can jump in an assist.  If nothing is appealing, ask  the Tiler, Secretary, Treasurer, or any of the officers what other activities are underway.  If you have an idea (regardless of what it is), ask another Mason in lodge about it.  We will help you get it going right away!