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Subscribing to the Mosaic Calendar on your Smart Phone!

The Mosaic Lodge has a LOT of activities being scheduled in the coming months and through the rest of the year. To help our members stay abreast of our activities (and making it easier for you to attend), we are posting ALL of our activities (and some) on our website calendar.

But wait… there’s more! This is no ordinary website calendar! Our website calendar can easily be integrated into the calendar on your smart phone. If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, then the links below can help show you how to add our website calendar to your phone’s calendar list.

In most cases, it is as simple as clicking on this calendar link from your smart phone and following the directions. However, if you still need assistance, check out these links for help.
  • iPhone:
  • Android: For Android phones, you first start by subscribing the ICS calendar from our website to your Gmail account’s calendar ( You should be able to subscribe to the calendar by logging into your Gmail account from your PC (not from your smart phone) and then clicking on the calendar link. Once you have completed that step, your phone (presumably tied to your Gmail account), will show the Mosaic Calendar on your phone. 
You can also search the internet to find guidance on how to integrate a Google Calendar into your particular phone model.

You can integrate this calendar to your Google or Outlook Calendar by clicking on the Calendar button to the lower-right of the calendar (abovre), or using the following link: